Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation

About Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation

The Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation (HSEDC) is a non-profit, arm’s length organization, formed in 2012 that works quickly and effectively to build economic development strategies that create an impact for our region. We’re focused on telling the story of the Harvest Sky Region—a strong and proud community—to support our existing businesses, and to attract investors, residents, and visitors who will help our region grow and prosper.


The HSEDC supports and aligns the efforts of our partners to maximize the return to the region. Together, we put the interests and needs of businesses and investors first and take a collaborative, community-based approach to economic development. Serving as a single point of contact, we provide a gateway to the many organizations, events, and recreational opportunities that take place throughout the region.


By sharing an aligned, consistent, and compelling regional message in-market and supporting the efforts of the region’s economic development ecosystem, HSEDC delivers results that shape the region for intentional, impactful growth in the long term. We work in three key areas:


  • Driving new business and investment and promoting industry diversification and innovation
  • Attracting new residents
  • Strengthening and promoting tourism


Contact us to find out what we’re doing for the Harvest Sky Region and how you can get involved in promoting and growing our local economy.

The Harvest Sky EDC Board of Directors & Staff

President – Debbie Laughlin (Village of Youngstown)

“I am excited to be a member of this Board, to be able to promote the region and all it has to offer for potential economic growth.” 
“I have lived in the region pretty much my whole life. I believe this region has so much to offer both for individuals and businesses that might choose to move here or just visit. I am biased of course but I think that the people in the region are wonderful.”
– President Debbie Laughlin 


Vice President – Sandra Beaudoin (Town of Hanna)


Secretary Treasurer – Doray Veno (Lynks)


Director – Robert Blagen (Village of Youngstown)


Director – Mark Blair (Special Areas Board)


Director – Justin Griffith (Special Areas Board)


Director – Angie Warwick (Town of Hanna)

Mark Nikota

Economic Development Manager


Box 1255, 308-2nd Ave West

Hanna, Alberta, T0J 1P0


Phone: Office 403-854-5999 

Email: ecdev@harvestsky.ca

Collaborate Toward Shared Success

Harvest Sky Region is a regional approach to business, resident, and visitor attraction. We believe that regional collaboration is key to being competitive. Pooling resources strengthens our stakeholder’s experience and quickly moves the region towards its growth goals. Reasons driving this approach include:

Connect Partners

Sharing best practices and lessons learned becomes easy under a regional approach. Regional interactions with prospective investors, residents, and visitors are elevated through a connected experience that only exists under a regional approach. The clarity and consistency required when learning and exploring opportunities within the region are enhanced as all partners work together under a unified approach.

Mitigate Confusion

Creating a consistent and focused message and brand for the region ensures that prospective businesses, residents, and visitors are clearly communicated to, and that they understand who the region includes, what the region has to offer, and how to learn more.

Tell the Whole Story

Adopting a regional approach allows for a larger area and larger population to be part of the narrative, enabling more opportunities as part of the regional story.

Our Values


We value and rely on dedication from ourselves for the success of our region.


We value openness, honesty and integrity in ourselves, our relationships and our work.


We value determination and conviction in our people and the work we do for the communities we live in.


We support, trust and respect people in our communities and have high expectations of everything we do.

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