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Why Do Business in the Harvest Sky Region

Opportunity awaits in the Harvest Sky Region. With affordable land, low-cost infrastructure, and connectivity by road, air, and high speed internet, you have everything you need to build on Alberta’s long tradition of entrepreneurship.


The Harvest Sky Region is centrally located a short drive to major Alberta cities including Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. Our region also intersects major North American transportation corridors from the U.S. Border crossing at Coutts north to Fort McMurray and from Calgary to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are truly in the center of everything.


Our businesses are integral to the success of our region. Understanding this, we put the needs of our businesses and investors first and offer strong, collaborative support. Whether you’re interested in agriculture, energy or anything in between, we’re committed to helping you start and grow your business in a place where you can achieve a true work/life balance.


Need help finding a business or service in our region? Try the Return to Rural Business Directory


Need Labour Force and Demographic Information? Check out our Labour Study (December 2021)


*  Introducing the Special Areas Industrial Park: a 320 acre rural industrial park with low cost, flexible parcels of land suitable for a wide variety of proposed development. For more info go to the Special Areas Industrial Park website (information, brochures and proposed park video): 


In the Harvest Sky Region, we consider business opportunities as vital to our long term survival and we try to partner with business and residents so everybody wins.


As such, to encourage developers, businesses and private citizens to make investments that benefit our communities, we have come up with a community specific Development Incentive Program. The Town of Hanna and the Village of Youngstown have both passed incentive packages to encourage residential and non-residential development within their boundaries. And while the Special Areas does not have a formal program, they partner on a case by case basis to bring investment to our rural region. Click below to learn more on each program:


Hanna Development Incentive Policy


Youngstown Development Incentive Policy

Government Programs &  Links

Government information, supports and organizations relevant to business and site selectors.


Alberta Economic Dashboard – economic data and insights on key indicators in the province. 

Alberta Export Resources – resources for exporting products and services from Alberta. 

Alberta Regional Dashboard – statistical information for municipalities in Alberta. 

Alberta Small Business Resources – information for small businesses.

Alberta Innovates – Alberta’s innovation organization.

Invest Alberta – investment attraction organization for the province. 

Canada Small Business Financing Program – a small business financing program making it easier for small businesses to get loans from financial institutions. 


When you’re ready to set up your business in the Harvest Sky Region, we are connected to and have access to some of the best and most affordable infrastructure around.


We are centrally connected to major North American markets via major transportation corridors, such as Highway 36 connecting the U.S. Border through to Fort McMurray or Highway 9 connecting Calgary to Saskatoon. We have some of the best internet access in North America and offer fibre optic speeds to our communities and rural region.


For detailed Infrastructure information, check out our logistics map and partner service providers.


Logistics & Development Map


Regional Service Providers


Axia Internet 
Mascon by Telus 




Municipal Services (Water and Sewer)
Special Areas 


Natural Gas
Apex Utilities 
East Central Gas Co-op 403-854-4411

Take the Next Step

The Harvest Sky Region is ready to help you with your next opportunity. Whether it’s a small business, industrial site selection or your new residential home, we’ve got you covered. For more information click a link below to find information or put yourself in contact with our many regional partners.


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If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, look no further than the Harvest Sky Region. Our economic development corporation takes an agile approach to developing the local economy, supporting business investment by providing a single point of contact that drives both growth and opportunity.


As an arm’s length, independent, board-driven organization, the Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation moves beyond government election cycles to focus on growth, giving investors peace of mind and stability. They also integrate economic development with our vibrant tourism sector to ensure the region is marketed seamlessly and effectively.


We share the story of our region locally and with western Canada to help ensure our investors and businesses succeed. Our goal is to maximize the return to our region and so we put the needs of our businesses and investors first and work closely with our key partners to take a strong, coordinated approach to growth. Contact us today to discuss investment opportunities in our region.

Build a Business

The Harvest Sky Region offers a wealth of opportunity for anyone interested in starting or growing a business. Thanks to ample, affordable land, low taxes, and low-cost infrastructure, it’s easy to make your dreams a reality and reach new heights of success.


Our business community is well supported by our economic development corporation’s connected network, innovative approach, and access to information. We support the growth of our businesses through diversification and by ensuring their value chains continue to grow. Here, you’ll find an accessible, cost-effective location to not just grow your business, but to watch it thrive.


Our region is focused on ensuring our low regulatory requirements stay low. This eliminates the barriers to starting a business that you might come up against in large municipalities. Contact us to find out how we can help your business succeed.